Sakina- Certified Nutritionist and Dietitian

At HairsKnowHow, Dr. Sakina Arshad specializes in hair nutrition and offers informative blogs. Discover expert tips on enhancing hair health through diet and learn how to improve your hair from her valuable insights.

AUTHOR: Dr. Sakina Arshad

LIVES IN: Lahore, Pakistan

NUTRITIONIST: Doctor of Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences

EXPERTISE: Diet, Health, Hair Tips Along With Diet



  • Dr. Sakina Arshad, a certified dietitian, has earned a gold medal for her outstanding performance in her nutrition degree. With a deep understanding of health and diet, she provides expert advice on hair and skin care.
  • Sakina’s expertise extends to helping you achieve naturally beautiful and vibrant hair. By maintaining a healthy diet, you can unlock the potential for long and strong hair. Take advantage of Sakina’s valuable hair care tips and follow her customized diet plans to enhance both your skin and hair health.


Sakina has successfully completed her Doctor of Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences degree from the University of Lahore. Presently, she is employed as a nutritionist and research writer, offering valuable insights and recommendations to naturally enhance hair quality.

In her current role, Sakina shares her expertise in improving hair health through natural methods. With her guidance, you can explore effective strategies to promote stronger and healthier hair. Whether it’s through dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, or personalized hair care routines, Sakina is dedicated to helping you achieve your hair goals.

Gold Medalist Nutritionist

Sakina is a highly accomplished and renowned Nutritionist who has earned a prestigious gold medal for her outstanding expertise. With her wealth of knowledge, she excels in her field and is considered one of the best in the business.

Sakina’s primary focus lies in helping you achieve strong, shiny, and healthy hair. She offers expert guidance, sharing invaluable tips and techniques to unlock the full potential of your hair’s beauty. But that’s not all! Sakina’s insights go beyond just hair care. Her tips and recommendations are carefully designed to improve not only your hair but also your skin, body, and immune system.

With Sakina’s guidance, you can experience a transformative journey towards radiant and lustrous hair, while simultaneously improving your overall well-being. Through her informative and easy-to-follow advice, you’ll discover the secrets to nurturing your hair’s health and unlocking your true beauty potential. Trust Sakina to lead you on a path to a more vibrant and confident you.

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